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The bridal party celebrates after nailing their entrance to unavailable.

We continue our conversation with Osasu, Binki, Medjie, Mardochere, and Joel as we reflect on Osasu and Mike’s Nigerian wedding. We discuss the humorous contrast between the ceremony and reception attendance, with more guests showing up for the latter. The early call time for the bridal party, set at 4 AM for photos at the stunning venue, also becomes a topic of conversation. We wrap up the episode with heartfelt reflections on the bride, who was the reason for our trip to Nigeria.  At the end of the recording, Asshur asked the guests for the song they felt sums up the trip; the team echoed that Feel and Unavailable by Davido was it, so listen.

The final words were, “Nigeria is a vibe, a ball of fun, and underrated.” We hope you enjoy this episode and apologize for any sound quality issues. 

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