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Welcome to the Young Black Travelers podcast, where we explore the world through the eyes of black travelers. In today’s episode, we delve into a pressing issue that has been gripping the nation of Haiti: the political crisis.

Haiti, the first black-led republic, has a long and complex history. The country has faced political turmoil recently, with its president’s assignation and now its prime minister’s foreign resignation.

Join us as we discuss the beauty of Haiti. Also, the root of the problem, its impact on the people of Haiti, and some of our solutions.  Also, read Tamara’s reflection below. Enjoy part one of this weighty conversation!

Photo by Patrice S Dorsainville on unsplash

“This was my first time on a podcast and, of all things, to discuss my ancestral lineage, as Haiti holds a massive piece of my heart. Regardless of whether you were born there, what Haitians could do so many years ago established what allowed other countries to follow suit and obtain their freedoms.

As a child of Haitian immigrants and the mother of a child who also has that same blood running through her veins, having this open dialogue allowed me to reflect on a country that my parents called home at some point. While they received much praise, they also suffered much.

My daughter was able to witness and be privy to a conversation that she could look back on and listen to one day. At some point, we have to be able to speak up. We can’t always have the solutions, and it all can’t happen overnight, but it’s essential to have these discussions.” – Tamara. 

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