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Toya joins Asshur to share her travel experiences, focusing on her trip to Bali. She discusses her impressions of Bali, the cultural aspects, food, beaches, nightlife, and the currency exchange experience. Toya’s insights provide valuable tips and recommendations for travelers visiting Bali. The conversation covers various aspects of a trip to Bali, including currency exchange, nightlife, traditional ceremonies, and travel advice. It also delves into the challenges of group travel and the lengthy travel time to Bali. The discussion provides insights into cultural immersion, local cuisine, and the importance of knowing travel companions. Additionally, it highlights the experience of encountering a water snake during a tour.

Toya in Bali!!!


00:00Introducing Toya: A Return to the Podcast
05:36Toya’s Trip to Bali: First Impressions and Expectations
06:30Cultural Immersion: Embracing Balinese Culture
14:36Culinary Delights: Exploring Balinese Cuisine
25:09Nightlife Adventures: Unveiling Bali’s Vibrant Nights
26:31Currency Exchange Chronicles: Navigating Bali’s Unique Economy
27:19Navigating Bali: Currency Exchange, Nightlife, and Traditional Ceremonies
39:02The Dynamics of Group Travel: Challenges and Advice
45:14Encountering a Water Snake: Unforgettable Moments in Bali

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