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In this episode of the Young Black Travelers podcast, Simone and Assher discuss their experiences traveling to Lisbon, Portugal. They talk about the city’s vibrant energy and historical significance, as well as the diverse culinary scene. They also touch on the importance of understanding Portugal’s colonial history and its impact on the black community. The conversation covers topics such as discrimination, local experiences, and the influence of different cultures in Lisbon, particularly black culture. They also share their recommendations for activities and accommodations in the city.

Asshur at a street car in Lisbon!


  • Lisbon has a vibrant energy and a rich historical significance
  • Understanding the colonial history of Portugal is important for black travelers
  • Local experiences and interactions can provide valuable insights into the culture
  • Discrimination can still be present in Portugal, and experiences may vary for different black travelers
  • Exploring the culinary scene in Lisbon is a must, with highlights including the Timeout Market and local pastries
  • Taking a Black Historical Tour of Lisbon can provide a deeper understanding of the city’s black history
  • Consider checking the national holidays and planning accordingly to avoid closures of attractions
  • Staying in Airbnb accommodations, particularly in the historic district of Alfama, can offer a central location for exploring the city

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