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Wow, we are 9 seasons in!!!! In this opener, we kick off season 9 by diving into our New Year travel aspirations and reflecting on memorable journeys from 2023.  For Simone, her most memorable trip was Jamaica in 2023. Asshur’s was Japan, and Toni’s was New Jersey; listen to hear their reasons why.

In our main conversation, we discussed essential travel card recommendations; of course, the Capital One Venture Card is our advice… However, we recommend you up it this year with the new Capital One Venture X Card. It provides you with perks such as:

  1. Lounge Access to Priority Pass, Capital One, and Plaza Premium Lounges.
  2. It pays for TSA pre-check and Global Entry
  3. It provides a $300 Travel credit for bookings made through Capital One Travel.

Another primary recommendation from this conversation was our recommended must-have travel apps. Split Wise must have been the winning recommendation here; listen to our reasons as to why we think you should download this, as well as App In the Air

By the way check out these recommendations by Simone. These are the programs she has used to travel for free!

  1. Division of Education Professional Development Programs

  2. Truth & Purpose Learning Tour for Educators
Asshur with sisters in Japan

As we wrap up, we give a shout-out to @rn_alisha on IG and engage in a fun game of “This or That,” debating between local or abroad travel, resorts or Airbnb stays, and layover or direct flights. We also share words of wisdom for travelers entering the new year.

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