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Join Asshur, Binki, Osasu, and Medjie in this episode as they delve into their journey to Nigeria for Osasu’s Nigerian Wedding. They kick things off with a review of the airline experience, exploring the carriers they each flew to Nigeria and rating the overall journey. Additionally, Bink shares her experience flying Air France business class, offering a unique perspective on luxury travel and giving you great insight into the best airline to select when flying to Nigeria.


In their discussion, they also touch on airline alliances, exploring how they impact travel experiences and options. For instance, Binki flew KLM to Nigeria while flying Air France on the way back, which is not uncommon since Air France is part of the Sky Team Alliance

Hear their first impressions of Nigeria, capturing the initial sights, sounds, and sensations that greeted our travelers. The team delve deeper into the chaos they experienced at the airport. 

Next, we dive into the accommodations, mainly focusing on Airbnb, which left a lasting impression. Hear firsthand reactions and insights into the stay. They talked about how luxurious their Lagos, Lekki Phase 1 Airbnb was.

Moving on, we recount some of the trip’s most memorable moments, sharing highlights and unique encounters that made the journey unforgettable.

Asshur in the Lagos Airbnb

One standout experience was the visit to Zaza Lounge. We discuss expectations versus reality and what made this spot a favorite and also provide insight into some of our other hang-out spots, such as King Fisher and The Good Beach. The Good Beach was where we had Suya on the beach.

This episode is complete with our take on Cafeteria. We discussed why this spot is unique and their top-notch dining experience. Everyone raved over the food here!

Binki at the Good Beach

They also talked about their experience at Nike Art Gallery, where they had the opportunity to meet Nike herself. Additionally, they engaged in a naming ceremony and were given tribes, adding a unique cultural experience to their trip.

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Roodler at Nike Art Gallery

Join us as we relive the journey through Nigeria, sharing insights, stories, and reflections.

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