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 Asshur and Kellisia sat down to catch up on their lives since they last spoke. Kellisia shared about her recent trip to Ghana last December, which she describes to now be her second home .

Kellisia at Marfo Children’s Home in Tema, Ghana
Young People receiving gifts at Marfo Children’s Home in Tema, Ghana

During her trip, Kellisia recommended that travelers stay in the capital city of Accra, where there are plenty of accommodations and things to do. But she suggest that Accra is spread out and shared her recommendations. She particularly recommended East Legon and Airport Residential. She also highly recommended visiting the Cape Coast, and the Door of No return, especially as black people.

East Legon is one such neighborhood, known for its upscale shopping centers, restaurants, and nightlife. It’s a relatively new area of the city, and as such, it boasts modern amenities and facilities. East Legon is also home to many expats and foreign workers, making it a diverse and cosmopolitan area of the city.

Airport Residential is another neighborhood that is popular among expats and travelers. It’s located close to the airport, making it a convenient location for those coming and going from Accra. Airport Residential is also home to many international hotels and restaurants, as well as upscale shopping centers.

Kellisia also talked about the importance of GiveBack or social responsibility, which is near and dare to our heart.

Asshur congratulated Kellisia on the recent creation of her law firm, Hazlewood and Lawrence PLLC, and asked about her plans for the future. Kellisia shared that she is excited to continue growing her business and expanding her reach to help more people in need.

Overall, Asshur and Kellisia had a wonderful conversation and of course highlighted their shared Vincentian heritage. Hopefully you enjoy this Podcast episode!!!

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