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By: Julia Malcom 

Season four begins with a conversation between YBT Founder, Asshur, and Juran Irving. Juran is a Birmingham-born, London-living British Jamaican. On the podcast, he shares traveling to Nigeria during the pandemic.  While en route to a friend’s wedding, Juran learned that the celebration would be postponed! Still, he continued the trip with a flight to Doha before ultimately staying in Lekki, Nigeria. In Lekki, he enjoyed the beauty of Nigerian art and culture and reflected on the EndSARS movement.  Listen to the podcast to hear his advice on how to anchor yourself emotionally during the lockdown. Also, how to set personal goals, establish accountability, and navigate travel plans to countries in Africa. Juran shared, the only way to change the view of how Africa and its nations are seen is to see it for yourself.  


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