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After listening in on a clubhouse conversation about being a digital nomad, I decided to take the leap and spend 3 weeks in Colombia. I called up some friends, who I knew worked remotely. At the end of the day, only one endured, Toya.

Nevertheless, one of the things that I realize is that Colombia is a pretty safe and cheap destination. I was surprised that my Uber ride from the airport only cost me about $.60 and for most trips. And while I was there, I paid on average $2.00 or less when I traveled around Cartagena. However, even though Uber is still operational and I used it almost daily, it is illegal. It doesn’t look like the authorities care to enforced it in Cartagena since the police was the one who helped me locate my Uber, haha, isn’t that strange?

BTW, Cartagena does not have the best beaches and the ones you want to visit are not close to the center of Cartagena. However, there are several great beaches that are a drive or boat ride away.

I took the opportunty to visit one of the closer ones, which is on one of the closest islands to Cartagena, Tierra Bomba. This excursion cost me about $18 and included lunch, transport to the island as well as pick up from my Airbnb. Tierra Bomba is about 10-15 minutes away from the mainland. This island is teeming with locals and is a great way to catch some sun, swim with locals as well as engage in water sports like jet skiing, etc., which could cost upwards of $65.

Nonetheless, Stay tuned for more Vlogs!

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