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Embarking on a Four-day journey to Antigua for my good friends Tarique and Amarachi’s wedding was nothing short of a magical experience. From flying with Caribbean Airlines to exploring the stunning landscapes of Antigua, every moment was filled with joy, excitement, and a touch of adventure. 

Flying Caribbean Airlines                                                                                                             Despite the unconventional flight path from New York to Trinidad and then back up to Antigua, my journey with Caribbean Airlines was a delight. I had the opportunity to upgrade to business class on the leg to Port of Spain (POS), where the crew’s hospitality made the long flight a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Sampling the flavors of the islands on board added a unique touch to my journey, setting the tone for the adventure awaiting me in Antigua.

Exploring Antigua                                                                                                                             Upon reaching Antigua, I was greeted by the anticipation of a beautiful wedding and the chance to reconnect with family. Exploring St. Johns, with its rich history and landmarks like the Lester Bird monument, added cultural depth to my trip. However, the heart of the journey lay in the beautiful beaches that graced the island.

Fam Night Out

Beach Bliss                                                                                                                                                 A highlight of my trip was the serene relaxation on the beaches of Dickinson Bay. Lounging by the crystal-clear waters, sipping on rum punch, and trying out thrilling activities like jet skiing made for unforgettable moments. The sun-kissed shores provided the perfect backdrop for a rejuvenating escape, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Jet skiing

Mountain Climbing Expedition with a Twist
Venturing into the island’s interior, my cousin led me on a hike that felt more like a mountain climbing expedition. Scaling down and up cliffs, navigating through thick forests, and embracing the raw beauty of Antigua’s landscapes became a thrilling chapter of my journey. The adventure was captured in detail in my YouTube video, showcasing the untouched natural wonders of the island.

Top of the Mountain with Cousin

The Wedding Celebration
The pinnacle of the trip was undoubtedly the wedding ceremony of Tarique and Amarachi, long-time CCNY Gospel Choir friends. The festivities commenced on Thursday night with a warm gathering at the Zachariah’s residence, setting the stage for the beautiful Saturday wedding. The Copper & Lumber Store Hotel hosted a beautiful reception, creating an enchanting atmosphere for the celebration of love, a celebration I was honored to have MC’ed. How did I do? What I loved most about this place was the picturesque harbor, which made it the perfect backdrop to a good wedding photo.

Pre Reception

With its warm hospitality, breathtaking landscapes, and the joyous union of Tarique and Amarachi, Antigua left an indelible mark on my heart. This journey perfectly blended relaxation, adventure, and love, creating memories I’ll cherish forever. Through my YouTube video and this blog post, I hope you feel the magic of Antigua and begin the joinery of planning your travels there!


Cheers to love, adventure, and the beauty of Antigua!

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