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As the crew journey from Dar es Salaam, they take the over a 2-hour ferry ride to Zanzibar. BTW, the ferry ride cost about $35. Our most important tip is that you bring cash; most places are card less, and you will need to visit some of the limited ATMs on the island if you don’t have cash. In this episode the team reviewed the Airbnb  in Kiwengwa where they stayed, which was on the beach, and included the option for a private chef, who cooked for them on one of the nights they stayed in Zanzibar.

The crew gave rave reviews of the excursion they did with Safari Blue Zanzibar. Asshur states that this was one of, if not, the best excursions that he’s had. The spread of food was one of the highlights of this excursion. Also, do not forget to visit the famed Rock Restaurant. It is an experience you will never forget, with breathtaking views and food that will be forever etched in your memory.

Furthermore, Stone Town is a must see. Please make sure that you stay here for a few days, and explore. We stayed at Shoki Shoki House; it was really good. It is not a luxurious hotel, but if  you decide not to stay here, there are tons of other options to select from in that area. This hotel was centrally located. And it was particularly close to the spot in stone town where you can see the social media famed Zanzibari guys jumping off the jetty into the water. It is a must-see.

Also, do not leave Stone Town without doing a walking tour and also paying a visit to the Slave Market; this sacred site is both emotional and educational.



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