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If you ask for a city where you will have pure fun, Medellin is it! There is so much to do and see! Bars, clubs, rooftops, and restaurants are littered everywhere. If that’s what you’re into, head over to El Poblado, Laureles, or other hip areas to experience that vibe. But Medellin is so much more than just the night scene. Here are 5 things you should check out on your visit.  

Comuna 13 Tour

Tour of Comuna 13. The graffiti and culture here will most certainly captivate you. It was breathtaking and it is here that the urban culture shines. It is artsy- filled with music, and entertainment. Every piece of graffiti had a story that was worth listening to, so it’s advisable that you go with a tour guide. The energy in Comuna 13 is electric. The highlight of this experience was running into a group of young people who started an impromptu dance party! Don’t forget to stop at Cafe Aroma de Barrio! Famous visitors of this cafe include President Clinton who stopped here back in 2017. BTW, I booked my tour through “Get Your Guide” and it cost about 21 USD, which included a tour, led by Walter Lopez, and food stops at some local spots. 


Take the ride away from the city to see Guatapé, you won’t regret it! Maybe, spend a night or two there because Guatapé is breathtaking and there is a lot to see. It is man-made, and it is this interesting fact that makes it even more impressive. However, be prepared to climb the 740 steps built into the huge rock, which is Guatapé’s premier attraction. The journey up will take you about an hour, so be prepared for a workout. However, if you are feeling a little bit lazy or ready to splurge, you can do a helicopter tour.

A buzzing spot for pictures

Coffee Tour

Of course, Colombia is known for good coffee so your trip will be incomplete without a coffee tour. There are larger coffee farms further away from the city, however, you can get a similar experience by visiting a farm closer to the city. I booked this tour again, through “Get Your Guide” and it was the “Medellìn: Coffee Tour with Tastings and Lunch.” The farm was a family farm and I got the opportunity to see how the coffee is picked and dried. Visiting this farm will cost about USD 38 or COL 150,000. 

A small intimate coffee picking experience that brings history alive

Cable Car

Medellin is a valley, and if you remain in your BnB or hotels in the city center you will miss out on the views you get if you head up the hills and gazing down into the valley. However, you can also experience this by hopping on the many cable car lines. The San Javier line is the line closest to the Comuna 13 tour. Once you go up and down the cable lines, take the time to soak in the city below you. Maybe get out at one of the stops and grab a bite, but be careful not to wander too far. I was able to devour some unsurprisingly good empanadas by following my own advice. 

What better way to see the hills of Medellìn?

Parque Arvi

Medellìn has much more to offer than the cityscape, so take a break from the city, catch the cable cars and head up to Parque Arvi or Park Arvi. It is about 1hr from Medellìn via cable car. Catch line K to Santo Domingo, the fare is $2,255 COP ($.57) with a Cívica card and $2,550 COP ($.64) without. Then, the cable car from Santo Domingo to Parque Arví will cost you $10,000 COP($2.54). There is a river in the park, where you can take a dip or you can picnic in the park. If you do not want to go through the hassle of picnicking, there are many restaurants in the area. There is also a very chick cafe at the entrance of the park, at the area where you will take the cable car. Remember, the cable car is not 24 hours, so be sure that you arrive back at the station before the park closes at 6 PM. 

If the itinerary of your Medellìn trip is inclusive of these suggestions. I am certain that you will leave Colombia extreemly satisfied. 

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