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This is how the idea came. I was literally sitting at my desk, tired from my workday, and felt the need to change my environment.

At this point in my life I have a steady job and a decent salary, so I made the decision to take a trip. BTW, I know some of you are in the same boat out there, but you are afraid to take the leap. However, at that moment I decided to live on the edge, after all, there’s only one life to live. So, I researched flights and checked out AirBnbs. It wasn’t until after I bought my plane tickets that the shocking thought came to me-  Krisan what on earth was I actually about to do?! Interestingly I’ve noticed that more and more women are traveling solo nowadays. For me, it was Instagram, my friends, and being part of YBT that inspired me to step up my game. Since this was pre-COVID, at that time, the timing was right and the prices were even better. So I jumped at the opportunity.

 Now, with my ticket booked, there was no turning back. Thus I began my solo trip to LA. Since I was only spending five days, and five weekdays at that, I packed JUST enough clothes. I also did a little research to figure out how much money I would need to sustain me for the time I’d be there. First, I consulted thislistfor my last minute travel needs. Additionally, I researched various types of accommodations. Initially, I thought of an Airbnb, then I explored options such as hostels because they are cheap and the ability for me to make new friends, after all, I was traveling solo.  I also wanted to make sure that any place I picked was close to transit. I didn’t want to have to fight to get to downtown LA or deal with parking, I am sure you’ve heard of the traffic woes of LA. All of these decisions were necessary since I was traveling alone. So I decided on a Hostel close to the city. 

Before going to LA I had preconceived notions about the bright blue skies of Cali and of Malibu as a result of pop culture. And after going to Malibu it was everything I thought about, most outstanding was it’s true blue waters, this was a beaut. That Miley Cyrus song, Malibu, was spot on with its description. Notably, the laid back feel of LA was a stark difference from what I’m used to in New York. I’m accustomed to a much faster pace…

Let me add though, the fireworks by the beach were truly magical, it was the 4th of July. Oddly enough though it was cheaper to travel on the holiday than after.

I think my plan to stay at a Hostel paid off. I made some amazing friends, which is a solo traveler’s dream. I also took the chance to attended a reggae concert, which I found on Groupon. BTW, the Korean offering in LA is phenomenal, I made sure I had taken the opportunity to grab Korean food at Karma, a recommended local restaurant. 

Not surprising though was the fact that I found a lot of NY – LA transplants who actually loved the Los Angeles vibe.

Of course, with every trip, there are minor hiccups. From the minor dramas at my hostel to me almost losing my wallet (which also happened to me in New Orleans, but that’s another story for another day). BTW at some point during this trip, I decided to walk the entire Malibu Beach, it was relaxing. However, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’ve learned how strong and resourceful I am and how personable I am when I’m outside my element. Going back home, I felt a sense of accomplishment. This experience only inspired me to seize more opportunities for domestic travel and learn more about the amazing country I call home.

If you are on the fence about solo travel, I implore you to start in your own backyards, it’s a good entry point. After then, you can branch-off after getting your feet wet. None the less, after COVID, let’s vow to be more adventurous and visit other domestic destinations and the world!

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