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The Story

“I’ll give it a try.” “I am in Amsterdam, why not.” These were the thoughts that raced through my mind as I walked into the Coffee Shop where I bought the savory cake. The cake or cakes, that would ultimately be the spark of an eventful or, let’s say, sky-high Amsterdam night.

A Dumb Move…

Before hopping over to the cruise terminal for my cruise of Amsterdam. I sat inside the waiting area, which was a caffe, and chatted with a few people. Opening one of my two edible weed-infused Space Cake. In retrospect, the name foreshadowed what was to come, however, I simply brushed off the name as a good marketing ploy. 


While on the boat, cruising the canals of Amsterdam, I decided to eat the other Cake… The Swiss girl who was sitting next to me asked if I had ever had one. I told her that I’d just eaten one, about an hour prior. Her face and bright baby blue eyes gazed at me in shock. She went on to exclaim how potent the cakes were and that she couldn’t eat one in its entirety, much more two! I must have been out of my mind.

Weed sets In… What should I Do?

In this race to get home, I opened google maps and tried to follow the directions. I can’t say how long this went on, but at a certain point during the night I simply gave up. The directions did not make any sense to me. Nothing was making sense to me. I could not tell where I was, and the entire time it appeared like I was in a maze. It seemed like my mind was playing tricks on me and I could not regain control at all. I wanted to be in control of me, and at this moment that was impossible. I have vague memories of walking in an area, where there were red lights… Did I walk through the Red Light District? In this state, this is a scary thought, which shows the lack of control that I had.


At a certain time on this trek home, reality struck… “You are unable to ride this bike,” so I began to push it. “The GPS does not make sense anymore,” therefore I remember walking up to a taxi driver to attempt to get a taxi home. However, the driver said, “I can take you, but I can’t take the bike.” Now my bike has been my biggest disturbance from the start of this ordeal and it would be the biggest concern on my mind to the end. At this point, I must have stumbled along a little further and decided to give up. 


By now, the drugs were all settled in. With two space cakes working in my system, I felt like my veins were about to pop out of my head. My heart was throbbing at a rate of 100 MPH. And when I sat down and tried to stand up, it felt like a thousand hands were pulling me down. I did not like this feeling. I needed help. So, I tried to get the attention of a few passersby, but no one took a peep at me. Apparently, they are used to scenes like this in Amsterdam.

God’s Intervention

However, God had my back, lol. My friend decided to FaceTime Audio me. He realized while on the phone that I was not myself and determined to FaceTime me. While he was on the phone, one of the persons who I had flagged down came back to lend a hand. He was walking his dog. My friend spoke with him and made the arrangements for an Uber to my place, which he called from London. Interestingly, I had not known that you could call an Uber from wherever in the world for someone in another country. Nonetheless, the guy told him that it would be easier to call Uber from his place. Now, at that moment, I was in no state to reason why that made or didn’t make any sense. All I can remember was walking holding the leash of his dog while he pushed the bike as we walked to his place. Then walking into this stranger’s apartment and thinking I must be under a spell. 


As I entered his apartment, there was a RED WALL before me. Seeing this was what caused the thought of being under a spell to come. And as I looked to my left, I remember seeing a shrine. I started to pinch myself because I needed to make sure I was not in a trance; this entire experience seemed surreal. However, he was nice, I remember him asking how I got this way, but I was too high to answer as we waited for the uber that my friend had called. He was nice enough to secure the bike outside his place since Amsterdam has bike racks everywhere to park your bike.

Trip to Belgium a Bust…

After I left the Uber, btw the driver was nice enough to message my friend the following day to ask if I was okay since he observed that I was beyond the 7th heavens, I remember running into my roommate downstairs. It was apparent to him that I’d had quite the night. And it was he who woke me up the next morning since I was supposed to be catching a train to Belgium. My trip to Belgium had to be canceled—the train ticket was already booked— because the weed was still strong in my system. I still needed rest and I had to locate the bike to return it that day. My roommate and I had a good laugh because after all, for the few days that we had roomed together, according to him, I seemed unfazed to indulging. Then all of a sudden, I took a cake, or two, and seemed to have had even more fun than he. I was quick to remind him that, if getting high is supposed to feel like how I felt, it is something I am never interested to feel ever again.  

This was completely unexpected, but it was a learning lesson. My biggest lesson was that even though Amsterdam is a fairly safe city, I would recommend that you go with friends if you intend to indulge in some of Amsterdam’s legal cannabis. Anywhoo, there it happened, my first time getting high or more like my first time going to infinity and beyond, lol.


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