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When traveling internationally, staying connected to family and friends can be expensive. Most data plans with local phone companies are costly when used abroad. With the exception of T-mobile, which I use, whose T-Mobile One plan offers international data and text. However, there is another cost-effective solution that I’ve recently tested, it’s called Roaming Man

Roaming man with La Soufriere blurred in the background

Upon signing up, Roaming Man sent a portable router directly to my door. The router was small and easy to travel with. In fact, I tied it to my wrist since it came with a little string to put my hand through. I walked around with it strapped to my arm and forgot about it throughout the day because it was so easy to carry. 

Roaming Man tied to my wrist at Vermont Nature Trail, St.Vincent and the Grenadines
The battery life was also really long and lasted for the entire day and a few days after, so there’s no need to worry about it dying while trying to post that Instagram picture of bae catching some island sun. Most importantly, the RoamingMan devices can actually be shared with others! What better way to pay than to split that $9.99 cost per day, because if traveling with buddies, $9.99 can be split 5 ways, 3 ways or even two. 

While in St. Vincent and the Grenadines the data speed wasn’t lightning fast, but definitely good enough to post pictures via Instagram, Facebook, etc. It is also a great device to use if relying on Whatsapp to communicate, which is a noted way to circumvent paying for talk or text from your local phone company while abroad, IT CAN ADD UP!!!! In addition, if you’re likely to use FaceTime or any video calling solution to speak with family and friends, this router is the way to go.

The Roaming Man router works! And because it did, I recommend checking it out. If you want cost-efficient data in the next country you’ll be hopping over to, Roaming Man is the device for you.

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