“Right now some of us have the opportunity to see a few more places. Let’s not waste it.”

When Clubhouse inspires you to pick up your work station and head to South America. Colombia to be exact.  Cartagena was not on my list, if I am honest, however as I listened to that Clubhouse conversation on that inspiring day, I began to research the cost of traveling to Colombia. I quickly realized that Colombia is an extremely cheap destination. It was this fact that caused me to make the leap to choose Colombia over any other countries at that time. 

At the end of the day, I  am happy that I did not allow fear to stop me from spending 3 weeks in Colombia. BTW, Flights are filthy cheap. So other than the fact that it is a beautiful destination, it made practical sense for me to choose Colombia. I flew Jet Blue. Again, I used a buddy pass, which cost around $250. However, the tickets that I saw cost, on the low end, about $300 round trip on Spirit Airlines.  

Upon landing, I decided to take an Uber to my Airbnb, which is usually my first choice for accommodations. I realized that Ubers are dirt cheap there. Literally my trip from the airport to my Airbnb was $.60. Yes, I remembered seeing the Uber driver outside after she drop me off and thought to my self that she had come back to ask me for more money, since to me this was a steal, haha. But no, Ubers are this cheap.  I was shocked.  

Never the less, enjoy this, my first vlog of my trip to Cartagena, Colombia!