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These days, our phone is seemingly the most important accessory when we travel. So, here are some apps that were helpful to me on my visit to Colombia.


If you are not using WhatsApp, then you are like many other Americans who are ghosts as well. WhatsApp is the best way to communicate with people internationally since it uses your data to make calls and send text messages.  Most companies in Colombia have a WhatsApp number, and most of your tour guides will reach out to you via WhatsApp. So if you have data, it only makes sense to join the rest of the world in taking full advantage of WhatsApp's ability to keep the world connected. 


Possibly you landed late and you didn't bother to grab a bite and then you realize that all the restaurants in the area are closed. Or perhaps you simply want to rest or you might be having a lazy evening, especially if you are staying at an Airbnb. Since UberEats does not work in Colombia, Rappi may be your go-to to order take-out.


Even though the app is illegal, it is one of the cheapest ways to get around! You may wait a little longer for a car, but you will save tons of money. BTW: Do not hail one of the yellow taxis, they will charge you an arm and a leg. In Cartagena and Medellin, I spent less than $2 on my Uber trips. However, prepare to catch a yellow taxi from the airport and cough up the extra cash. Again, the app is technically illegal in the country, so you will rarely find Uber drivers picking up riders at the airport.


Your next best alternative to Uber is InDriver (ID). I love this app simply because of its negotiation capability. Unlike Uber, you state your price. The driver has the option to accept, reject or suggest a new price which you decide if you are okay with accepting. This is genius! The downside for travelers is that you may not know what price, to suggest, for a trip. But once you use apps like Uber and understand the general going rate for certain routes, I would suggest jumping on ID and begin bidding.

Google Maps

Like most places, google maps will be your best friend for navigation. But it will also help you find spots to eat and places to explore, while also showing reviews from others who had visited these locations. Google can be an effective tour guide if you do not have a list of places you must visit.

Any Currency Converter

Listen, the Colombian Peso was confusing to me, therefore I used this app to convert dollar to peso. Whenever I wanted to convert money or made a payment at any business, I used the app to ensure that I was given a fair conversion rate since the app uses real-time data to provide the going rate.

Google Translate!

LOL! I wanted to be explorative and give apple translate a chance. It turned out to be a major fail! I quickly turned to google translate and was able to communicate with ease. Google translate also has the capability of using your camera to transpose signs or documents written in other languages, to English, or whatever language you want it to translate to. Trust me, this will be a powerful tool for you in Colombia if your Spanish is as bad as mine.
With this new war chest of resources, do enjoy Colombia. It is a beautiful and enjoyable fatherland. And if you don't want to work harder than you should, simply download these apps, and your vacation will a true vacation.

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