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Is Asshur planning on playing in the World Cup?

In this episode of the Young Black Travelers podcast, Asshur and his sister, Zonelle, discuss their experiences traveling to Brazil. They compare staying at resorts versus Airbnb accommodations and highlight the benefits of each. They also share their impressions of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, including the vibrant city vibes and beautiful beaches. The hosts emphasize the importance of experiencing the Brazilian Carnival and recommend different areas to stay in Rio.

Overall, the episode provides insights into the unique travel experiences of young black travelers. In this conversation, Asshur and Zonelle discuss their experience at the Rio Carnival and their hike to Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. They provide details about the carnival parade at the Samba Dome, including the different sections and the importance of choosing the right one. Asshur suggests that if you are looking for a cost-effective ticket that gives you the best of the festivities, book Sector 11. Book your ticket to the parade using the site Carnival Bookers; click here. They also highlight the impressive floats and costumes, emphasizing the creativity and attention to detail.

The hike to Christ the Redeemer is described as challenging but worth it for the breathtaking views and sense of awe. You can also take a tram or helicopter ride to see it. Dive into their excellent adventure! Enjoy!


  1. You can do a tour of Rio by water; click here to book the tour we did. 
  2. Also, don’t go to Rio without doing a Samba lesson; click here to book the lesson we did.
  3. If you fly into Rio and are looking for a São Paulo pad, check out the one we stayed here; click here
  4. For better beaches and a quieter atmosphere, stay in Baha De Tijica instead of the busy areas of Copa Cabana and Ipanema. 

Zonelle must have really enjoyed that boat ride!


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