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Red Tsingy

Abdulwanders shared his experiences in Madagascar, starting with a typical day in the capital city, Antananarivo, which involves exploring the local markets, enjoying meals, and visiting nightclubs. He recommended the Avenue of the Baobabs, a popular and beautiful location known for its stunning sunsets. Abdul also mentioned other attractions like Singi Di Bahamara, Morondawa, Sengi Rouge, Sengi Ankarana, and Nosy Be Island, which offers picturesque beaches with crystal-clear blue waters. He expressed his regret for missing out on some remote regions due to limited transportation options. Abdul also highlighted the cultural richness of Madagascar, mentioning the Baobab tree worship by certain ethnic groups and the unique wildlife, including lemurs. He emphasized that experiencing Malagasy food and immersing oneself in the local cuisine is a must.

Cascade Sacré Madagascar

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