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–By: Andreana Occes 

Ah say, “Get in Yuh section” and have a time on the island of spice. Spice Mas is an annual carnival that takes place in Grenada during the second week of August. Many people commute far and wide to attend the action-packed festivities. Prior to the carnival, there are a ton of parties to attend on the beach and at the stadium. Let’s not forget the road for J’ouvert Mas on Monday, Monday Night and Pretty Mas on Tuesday. I know you are wondering: Where does one get the time to sleep? Simple: you just don’t! All the new music that comes from talented artists around that time is all the fuel one needs to keep the energy pumping during the carnival season.

On Carnival Monday, prior to Pretty Mas, the streets are filled with people playing Jab Jab. Playing Jab is a way to honor our ancestors and celebrate their freedom. Participants can be seen with chains on their necks, fish in their mouths and of course the signature item, “ole” oil. While on the road everyone is in good spirits drinking a beverage of choice (Rivers), dancing to the rhythm of soca music and having fellowship with their friends and family.

An experience to remember is the “oil down”. Prior to getting “oil down” (not to be confused with the meal that one consumes before J’Ouvert), it is recommended that the skin is prepped with Velvokris shortening so that removing the oil is easy. Overall the experience of J’Ouvert is an energy you must experience first hand. 

Every young black person should find the time to travel abroad annually. It allows you to embrace other cultures, mingle with locals, learn a new language, try different cuisine. And just by flying to a new destination, you can encourage your network of friends and family to do the same. This can allow them to embark on their own journey and create meaningful experiences. 

See my suggestions on how to really enjoy carnival in Grenada below. However, throughout the year, you will find that many Caribbean islands have their own carnival, of which Trinidad is NEXT. The adventure awaits! 

Events to Attend 

  • J’Ouvert
  • Pree Day
  • National Queen Show
  • Groovy/Soca Monarch
  • House Party
  • SMC Panorama
  • Dimanche Gras
  • Xtreme White 
  • La Vida
  • Binge
  • Beach Bum 
  • Bikini Cruise
  • Pretty Mas
  • Monday Mas

Music To Download
Soca Music coming from Grenadian artists for that year. Just go on SoundCloud or YouTube and type “The year” “The Island” and soca. You will get various playlists from DJs for you to familiarize yourself with before going on the road. Be sure to keep up with Lil Natty and Thunda, Lavaman, Lil Vaughn, Mr. Killa, and Dash, just to name a few. 

Energy to Bring
Positive Vibes Only

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